R for violence throughout

Release Date:  TBC

Run Time:   100 minutes

Cast: Greg Burridge (Darren Face Baxter), Steve Patten (Frank), William Ospreay (Black cap 1), Lauren Burridge (Debs), Adam Freeman (Adam) and John Blake (The Big Boss)

Directed & Written by: Greg Burridge

Produced by: Greg Burridge & Garry Vanderhorne

Executive Producer: Greg Burridge & Garry Vanderhorne

Line Producer:   Greg Burridge & Garry Vanderhorne

Director of Photography: Greg Burridge

Production Designer: Greg Burridge

Film Editor:  Greg Burridge

Music by:   Sustayne, Vanderhorne & Levythan

Sound design by:   Greg Burridge

Fight design by: Greg Burridge

Casting by:    Greg Burridge


Think you know London?

Think again…London Rampage takes you on a dangerous journey through a modern city that carefully hides its dark underbelly of drugs, extortion, guns and illegal fight tournaments.

The film follows the story of one man’s return to his home turf in East London after a 10 year hiatus… and it’s a very, very different city to the one he left behind.

The estate is in decay and rival gangs run the show, making it tough for his younger brother & sister to avoid the inevitable dangers of their perilous home town.

Set in rough time of financial crisis, it’s sink or swim as ‘Darren’ ties to create a better world for his only remaining family whilst its seems the universe & the nefarious leaders on the estate make it difficult for him to walk the straight and narrow.

Greg Burridge writes, produces, edits and stars in this emotional and aggressive directorial debut.

It’s a new breed of action movie filled with drama and edge-of-your-seat fights & battles, the like of which you have never seen before.

Utilizing the mean streets of East London and all its ever changing street art and charm, the film features the London School of Lucha Libre fight design team, known as the ‘265′ who are among the top professional wrestlers of our modern time.

Greg is one of the founders and head trainers of the school where he & Garry Vanderhorne teach the art of professional wrestling alongside fighting techniques and acting skills for the stage & screen.